Luminoid Films

Good Luck, Dr. Niemann

About Luminoid Films

I'm James Edmunds, the person behind Luminoid Films, pictured with Susan Hester Edmunds, my spouse and invaluable participant in the projects here. In my college years (a few decades ago), I made films for art classes and also when I could get any other professor to take a film in the place of a paper (shrewd on the part of those who accepted, if the idea was to get me to work ten times as much and as hard as I would have compiling footnotes). In those days, you actually touched the film to make edits.

In 2011, I dipped my toe in again, and this time around most of the work takes place on a computer screen. I miss the smell of splice glue, but I like all the things a film-maker can do in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.