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The Molers
Could this be the site of a "surfacing" of the Mole People? Tell the nice man what you saw!

The Molers
After strange noises were heard in the nearby woods, two people associated with The Rising Cock pub in Oxfordshire disappeared - including the blonde barmaid!

The Molers
The evidence is there, if you trouble to look for it...and can let yourself believe it.

The Molers
Is it blood of one of the Mole People?

The Molers
Dr. Reginald Paste heads the Edith Lowell Danes Center for Cryptozoolgical Studies at Columbia University. He has extensively studied the phenomenon of Talpidanthropy.

The Molers: Searching for the Mole People
A Documentary (2013)

There is something lurking beneath the surface in this documentary that rips the lid off one of the great urban myths of our time. Talpidanthropy - the belief in creatures that are half mole (family Taplidae) and half man (anthropo) - a product of fevered imaginations, or closely guarded secret?

Release date 2.24.2013.

57 minutes

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