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Coreopsis and Black-Eyed Susans

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Wildflower Seed Bank (2012)

Coreopsis and Black-Eyed Susans of the Wildflower Seed Bank at the Model Sustainable Agricultural Complex (MSAC) in Cade, Louisiana greet the sun. The Wildflower Seed Bank is a project of the Ira Nelson Horticulture Center of the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

In May, 2012, I started using Adobe Premiere Pro 6, which includes the Warp Stabilizer (first made available in After Effects CS5.5, I believe) right within Premiere Pro. This makes the processing and handling of this effect, which I had already found handy in the earlier incarnation, much quicker and easier to fit into the editing and processing workflow. I shot this short video to mix in a few shots to which the Warp Stabilizer was applied (they are nearer the beginning) to either smooth motion like those shot out of the window or even clinging to the running boards of our Highlander, and a handheld shot to which the "no motion" option was applied (the tree on the horizon in which the intro title appears). Toward the end of the clip are a couple of non-Warp Stablized clips with motion, one a tripod pan and the other using a Glidetrack.

1 minute, 14 seconds